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Bromates & Bromides

    1. Sodium Bromate The sodium bromate takes the form of white crystalline granules or crystalline powder, odorless, in relative density of 3.339, with strong oxidizing property. It decomposes and releases oxygen at 381 ℃. The chemical is soluble in water ...
    1. Sodium Bromide (Powder)The sodium bromide solid is colorless cubic crystal or white granular powder. Odorless. Taste salty and bitter. Its melting point is 747 ℃, and the boiling point is 1390 ℃.
    1. Sodium Bromide (Liquid)Our sodium bromide liquid is synthesized by refined hydrobromic acid and sodium hydroxide. It is a high-purity, colorless and transparent solution, which is widely used in oil well completion, workover and cementing; water treatment; and other fields.
    1. Calcium Bromide (Powder)The calcium bromide solid is white oblique needle-like crystal or powder, odorless, tasting salty and bitter, in relative density of 3.35 (25 ℃) and strong in hygroscopicity. The melting point is 730 ℃ (micro decomposition) ...
    1. Calcium Bromide (Liquid)Our calcium bromide liquid is synthesized by refined hydrobromic acid and high-purity quicklime, with stable quality and fewer impurities. It is widely used as oilfield completion fluid, workover fluid and cementing fluid.
    1. Ammonium BromideThe ammonium bromide appears in the form of colorless or white crystalline powder, which is tasteless and odorless, showing slight hygroscopicity in the air and sublimating at 452 ℃. The density is 2.43g/cm3.

The bromates and bromides series mainly includes sodium bromate, sodium bromide, calcium bromide, and ammonium bromide, which are used in areas of medicine, oil drilling, textile auxiliaries, cosmetics, pesticides and so on. In 2007, we set up Weifang Orenyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Oren Hydrocarbons Middle East Inc., as a professional producer of oilfield chemicals using international advanced technology.

We have technically upgraded our original sodium bromate, and successfully won several patents. Built by the use of the latest technology, our sodium bromate workshop boasts the highest technical level and the largest output domestically. Our sodium bromate has been included in the "National Torch Program", in an annual output of 5000 tons. We are the largest manufacturer and exporter of sodium bromate in China.

QIANGYUAN is one of the most outstanding chemical manufacturers in China. Our products are targeted at many different fields, and welcome to work with us.