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Calcium Chloride (Dihydrate)

1. General Description
Chinese name: Calcium Chloride Dihydrate
English name: calcium chloride dihydrate
Other name(s): calcium chloride fused
Molecular formula: CaCl2.2H2O
Molecular weight (MW): 147.02
CAS No.: 10035-04-8
EINECS No.: 233-140-8

The calcium chloride dihydrate is white or grayish white solid, in the forms of granule, flake, ball or powder, odorless, with slightly bitter taste and slight toxicity. It is extremely hygroscopic, deliquescing very easily when exposed to air. The calcium chloride dihydrate is soluble in water, releasing a lot of heat (enthalpy of solution: -176.2cal / g), resulting in slightly alkaline aqueous solution. It is also soluble in alcohol, acetone, and acetic acid.

The reaction between calcium chloride and ammonia (or ethanol) generates CaCl2 ? 8NH3 and CaCl2 ? 4C2H5OH complexes. Calcium chloride solution crystallizes and separates hexahydrate at low temperatures. When gradually heated to 30 ℃, the calcium chloride is dissolved in its own crystal water. If heating continues, the solution will gradually lose water and till 200 ℃, it will turn into dihydrate. If heated to 260 ℃, then the calcium chloride dihydrate becomes white porous anhydrous calcium chloride.

2. Our Advantages
Our calcium chloride dihydrate is made by evaporating the brine-the byproduct produced by Shandong Haihua Group, the largest soda ash plant in Asia. With high purity, our product meets or exceeds national quality standards, workable for different purposes.

3. Properties
Appearance white powders, or flakes, or granules, or balls
Assay ≥74%; ≥77%
Total alkali metal chlorides (as NaCl) ≤5%
Total magnesium (as MgCl2) ≤0.5%
Alkalinity (as Ca(OH)2) ≤0.20%
Sulphates (as CaSO4) ≤0.05%
Water insoluble matter ≤0.15%
Iron ≤0.006%
pH (5% solution) 7.5-11.0

4. Packaging
The calcium chloride dihydrate is generally packaged in the following ways:
a) 25Kg / polywoven bag or kraft paper bag
b) 1000Kg / flexible container

5. Usage
The calcium chloride dihydrate can be used for the following purposes:
a) as deicer for roads, highways, parking lots, airports, docks and other places in winter;
b) as dedusting agent for mines, unsurfaced road, and coal mines;
c) as calcium supplement, chelating agent, curing agent or refrigerant for freezing used in the food industry;
d) as calcium supplement for feedstuffs;
e) as refrigerant (for refrigerator, for ice and popsicle makers, etc), antifreeze agent, automotive antifreeze solution, fire extinguishing agent;
f) as flame retardant for cotton fabric dressing and finishing;
g) as adhesives and wood preservatives;
h) for wall painting and plastering jobs, increase clotting ability;
i) as condensate agent for rubber production; sizing agent for mixing starch paste; also for non-ferrous metal smelting.

6. Storage and Handling
The calcium chloride dihydrate should be store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. The container must be sealed to prevent moisture. Pile it separately from deliquescent goods.

Our calcium chloride (CaCl2) is available in dihydrate and anhydrous types.With high purity, our calcium chloride meets or exceeds national quality standards, suitable for different purposes. We can produce calcium chlorides in a variety of types and forms. The comprehensive annual output reaches 60,000 tons.

QIANGYUAN is one of the most outstanding chemical manufacturers in China. Our products are targeted at many different fields, and welcome to work with us.

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