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    1. Calcium Chloride (Dihydrate)The calcium chloride dihydrate is white or grayish white solid, in the forms of granule, flake, ball or powder, odorless, with slightly bitter taste and slight toxicity. It is extremely hygroscopic, deliquescing very easily when exposed to air.
    1. Calcium Chloride (Anhydrous)The calcium chloride anhydrous is soluble in water, releasing a lot of heat in the course of dissolution (enthalpy of solution: -176.2cal / g), resulting in slightly alkaline aqueous solution. It is also soluble in alcohol, acetone, and acetic acid.
    1. Magnesium ChlorideThe magnesium chloride hexahydrate, also known as bischofite, is in the form of white crystal with bitter taste. It is soluble in water and ethanol, and deliquescent under very humid conditions.

Our chlorides come in calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. They are mainly used in oil drilling, deicing, dust removal, fertilizer, desiccant, refrigerant, antifreeze agent and other fields. Our chloride is available in full range of varieties: dihydrate and anhydrous, appearing in flake, powder, granular, spherical forms. The annual output is 60,000 tons.

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