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Magnesium Oxide (High Activity Powder)

1. General Description
Chinese name: High Activity Magnesium Oxide
English name: magnesium oxide high-active grade
Other name(s): maglite; magnesium monoxide
Molecular formula: MgO
Molecular weight (MW): 40.30
CAS No.: 1309-48-4
EINECS No.: 215-171-9

The high activity magnesium oxide is in the form of white powders, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, insoluble in water or ethanol, and slightly soluble in ethylene glycol. Its melting point is 2852 ℃ and the boiling point is 3600 ℃. The magnesium oxide is excellent in fire resistance and electrical insulation. Ignition at temperature above 1000 ℃ can turn it into crystal. When temperature rises above 1500 ℃, the crystal becomes dead burned magnesium oxide (also known as magnesite or periclase) or sintered magnesia.

In the air, the magnesium oxide is prone to absorb moisture and carbon dioxide and so become basic magnesium carbonate. The MgO is soluble in acid and ammonium salt, insoluble in ethanol, hardly soluble in water, and the solution is alkaline. Magnesium hydroxide is produced by the slow reaction with water. It shows strong refraction within visible and near UV light range.

2. Our Advantages
Our high activity magnesium oxide is made from the calcination of magnesium carbonate, which is produced by chemical synthesis of brine and soda ash at certain concentration and temperature. The advantages of our products include: high purity, high whiteness, uniform particle size, and controllable bulk density and specific surface area.

3. Properties
Appearance white powder
Assay ≥98.0 %
Surface moisture ≤0.5 %
CaO ≤0.1 %
Hydrochloric acid insoluble ≤0.05 %
Iron , ≤0.005 %
Loss on ignition 8.0 – 10.0 %
Sulphates ≤0.2 %
Chlorides ≤0.1 %
Iodine absorption number 150 mg I2/mg MgO
Bulk density ≤0.25 g/cm3
Whiteness ≥95

4. Packaging
The high activity magnesium oxide is generally packaged in the following ways:
20Kg or 10Kg / polywoven bag or kraft paper bag

5. Usage
a) the high activity magnesium oxide has relatively larger surface area, so it is an important raw material for manufacturing high-functioning fine materials, electronic components, ink, harmful gas adsorbent.
b) ultrafine powders of MgO can serve as a sintering aid for zirconium oxide, aluminum oxide, iron oxide, and other nano-particles to get high-quality nano-ceramics.
c) because the ultrafine magnesia has high dispersibility, it may also be used as the filler for paint, paper and cosmetics; filler and reinforcing agent for plastic and rubber; and auxiliary materials for a variety of electronic materials.
d) for the polymer field, such as neoprene and silicone rubber, adhesive, radial tire, conveyor belt, medical stopper, hose, etc.; also for epoxy resin, coating, etc.
e) for wireless high-frequency paramagnetic magnetic materials, magnetic antenna, and magnetic core of frequency components, taking place of ferrite. It can be used for the production of composite superconducting magnetic material, also as a soft magnetic material used in electronic magnetic industry.
f) as an ideal raw material for industrial enamel and ceramic products.

6. Storage and Handling
The high activity magnesium oxide should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse. Prevent moisture and heat, and handle the MgO with care so as not to damage the packaging.

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