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    1. Potassium Formate (Solid)The potassium formate solid is white, non-toxic and non-corrosive, in density of 1.9100g/cm3, smelling slightly like formic acid. It has reductive ability and can react with strong oxidizing agents.
    1. Potassium Formate (Liquid)The potassium formate liquid is a colorless, transparent liquid. The proportion of saturated potassium formate solution is 1.58 g/cm3. Our potassium formate liquid has advantages of being clear and transparent, and also features stable quality and fewer impurities.
    1. Sodium FormateThe sodium formate is a white powder, with melting point of 253 ℃ and relative density of 1.919. It is soluble in water and glycerin, slightly soluble in ethanol, and insoluble in ether. The sodium formate decomposes into sodium oxalate and hydrogen at a high temperature ...

Our formates include potassium formate and sodium formate, which are widely used for the following purposes:

a) in oil industry, as high performance drilling fluid, completion fluid, and workover fluid;
b) as deicing salt;
c) in the leather industry, as camouflage acid for chrome tanning method;
d) as a reducing agent in printing and dyeing industry;
e) as a grout hardening accelerator;
f) for mining, electroplating, crop foliage spray;
g) for the production of sodium hydrosulfite.

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