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HCPE Resin

1. General Description
Chinese name: HCPE Resin
English name: high chlorinated polyethylene
CAS No.: 64754-98-2

Also known as HCPE resin, high chlorinated polyethylene is chlorinated polyethylene with high chlorine content above 65%. It appears in white powder or granule, with relative density of 1.35-1.45 and apparent density of 0.4-0.5. The thermal decomposition temperature is 130 ℃, and the thermal stability time at 180 ℃ is above 3 minutes.

The HCPE resin has excellent solubility,being soluble in a variety of aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones, esters and organic solvents. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, insoluble in water, serving as an excellent adhesive, an ideal filming material for anti-corrosion coatings, and a good alternative to chlorinated rubber.

2. Our Advantages
a) excellent chemical stability, chemical resistance: 1-2 times higher corrosion resistance than vinyl chloride and CSPE.
b) outstanding resistance to aging and weathering.
c) excellent adhesion to the substrate.
d) anti-virus, anti-mildew, excellent flame retardant property.
e) good electrical insulating property, compatibility and freedom of coloring.

3. Properties
Adhesive Grade HCPE Resin
Item Type
Type A Type B
Chlorine content , % 64 – 67 64 – 67
Dissolved character basically transparent basically transparent
Volatile content , % ≤ 0.4 ≤ 0.4
Viscosity (Tu-4 viscosity cup,25 ℃ ) , S ≥60 ≥100
Dissolution time, minutes ≤20 ≤20
Painting Grade HCPE Resin
Item Type
Medium Viscosity HCPE Low Viscosity HCPE
Chlorine content , % 66 – 69 66 – 69
Dissolved character basically transparent basically transparent
Volatile content , % ≤ 0.5 ≤ 0.5
Viscosity (Tu-4 viscosity cup,25 ℃ ) , S 25 – 60 12 – 25
Dissolution time, minutes ≤20 ≤20

4. Packaging
The HCPE resin can be packaged in the following ways:
a) polyethylene bag in the inner and polypropylene bag in the outer, 20 ± 0.2KG / bag
b) 20 ± 0.2KG / kraft paper bag
c) 450 ± 2KG / anti-static flexible container

5. Usage
a) applications in the coating field:
1) anti-corrosion coatings: important anti-corrosion coating, anti-corrosion primer, pipe coating for bridges, steel structure, chemical equipment, salt equipment, fishing equipment.
2) ship coatings: (including exterior and interior coatings) cabin primer, decorative finish and maintenance coating.
3) fireproof coating (fire retardant paint): for wooden structure and steel structure.
4) architectural coatings: including (decorative) paint for building facade, primer for concrete.
5) ocean freight coatings: for containers, offshore platforms, docks.
6) paint for airports, roads, markers and signs (road marking paint).

b) applications in other areas:
1) PVC adhesive.
2) fire retardant for paper, fiber.
3) heat modifier for neoprene,nitrile rubber and other rubber series adhesives.
4) high viscosity HCPE resin is mainly used as PVC adhesive

5) medium viscosity HCPE resin is mainly used as anti-corrosion coating, alternative to CSPE paint, for bridges, steel frames, chemical equipment, building facades, concrete, airports, roads, markers and road signs.

6) low viscosity HCPE resin is mainly used for heavy duty coating, as an alternative to chlorinated rubber paint. The coating may be used for ships, containers, offshore platforms, and terminals.

6. Storage and Handling
a) The HCPE resin should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse.
b) The stacking height should be not more than 10 bags.
c) Avoid sunlight and moisture.
d) Transportation must be done with clean and covered tools, to prevent the sun, rain and heat.

7. Safety
Safety identity
This product is non-dangerous.

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