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CPE Resin

1. General Description
Chinese name: CPE Resin
English name: chlorinated polyethylene
Structural formula: [ CH2-CHCl-CH2-CH2 ]n
CAS No.: 64754-90-1/63231-66-3

Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE resin) is a saturated polymer material, in the form of non-toxic, tasteless white powder. It excellently resists weather, ozone, chemical, aging, oil, and flame. The CPE resin is easy to be colored, and maintains good flexibility even at -30 ℃. It shows good compatibility with other polymer materials, The CPE decomposes at high temperature, and the decomposition generates HCl, which can catalyze the dechlorination of the CPE.

2. Our Advantages
a) The CPE resin has excellent impact resistance, aging resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, temperature resistance, flame resistance, flexure, flexibility,filling performance, good compatibility and other properties.
b) The CPE can be used as modifier and mixed with PVC, PE, ABS and other resins as well as neoprene, nitrile rubber, to improve and enhance the impact strength, low temperature flexibility, flame resistance, aging resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, and other properties of its final products.
c) The CPE resincan be used alone as a special rubber.

3. Properties
Adhesive Grade HCPE Resin
Item Model
135A ( resin type ) 135B (rubber type)
Chlorine content, % 35.0 ±2.0 35.0 ±2.0
Melt index, J/g ≤ 2.0
Volatile content, % ≤ 0.4 ≤ 0.4
Sieve residue ( 0.9 mm ) , % ≤2.0 ≤2.0
Impurity particles( 100g ) , ≤50 ≤50
Ash, % ≤ 4.5 ≤ 4.5
Tensile strength, MPa ≥ 8.0 ≥8.0
Shore hardness, A ≤ 65 ≤ 55

4. Packaging
The CPE resin can be packaged in the following way:
25Kg / polywoven bag or kraft paper bag

5. Usage
a) CPE resin in the plastics field: including applications on hard plastic products, semi-hard plastic products and soft plastic products.
1) hard plastic products: mainly used for impact modification of chemical building materials, also for the improvement of aging resistance, temperature resistance, etc.; for wire and cable abrasion resistance, aging resistance, insulation performance improvement; for flame-retardant modification of ABS resin, etc.

Plastic profile, high-end windows and doors
Pipes and pipe fittings sheet
Wire and cable, housing appliance, modified aggregates

2) semi-hard and soft plastic products
When used as polymer non-migrating plasticizer, the CPE can improve softness, aging resistance and low temperature performance.
Plastic film, moisture-proof plastic film for tent, plastic hose

b) CPE resin in rubber field: including non-vulcanized products and vulcanized products.
1) non-vulcanized products: mainly used for the production of high-grade waterproofing membrane, magnetic rubber.

Refrigerator magnetic seal, high-end waterproof membrane, sole (of a shoe)

2) vulcanized products: mainly used for the production of wire and cable sheaths (includingmining cable, marine cable, locomotive cable, etc.), steel woven hoses, conveyor belts, corrosion-resistant seals, automotive hose in all types (including oil pipelines, air conditioning ducts, brake and steering fluid pipes, etc.), rubber dams, rubber rail panels.

Wire and cable sheath, mine cable sheath, anti-acid/alkali seal
Steel woven hose, conveyor belt, rubber dam

Automotive brake hose, automotive air-conditioning duct, automotive tubing and cooling hose

6. Storage and Handling
The storage is normally safe. The CPE resin easily absorbs moisture and easily deliquesces, so the storage and transportation process should be moisture proof. But the caking does not change the nature of the product, and the caked CPE resin still works normally after being crushed.

7. Safety
Safety identity
This product is non-dangerous.

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