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Synthetic Resins

    1. CPVC ResinThe chlorinated PVC resin, namely the CPVC resin, has increased molecular bond irregularity and polarity, as well as increased solubility and chemical stability. So it can better withstand heat and resist corrosions of acid, alkali, salts, oxidizing agents, etc.
    1. HCPE ResinAlso known as HCPE resin, high chlorinated polyethylene is chlorinated polyethylene with high chlorine content above 65%. It appears in white powder or granule, with relative density of 1.35-1.45 and apparent density of 0.4-0.5. The thermal decomposition ...
    1. CPE ResinChlorinated polyethylene (CPE resin) is a saturated polymer material, in the form of non-toxic, tasteless white powder. It excellently resists weather, ozone, chemical, aging, oil, and flame. The CPE resin is easy to be colored, and maintains good flexibility even at -30 ℃.

Our synthetic resins come in chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resin (CPVC resin), high chlorinated polyethylene resin (HCPE resin), and chlorinated polyethylene resin (CPE resin). These synthetic resins are mainly used for the manufacture of the following products:

1) anti-aging, anti-corrosion, high strength and high flame retardant sheet;
2) cable sheaths;
3) water pipes and pipe fittings;
4) crude oil pipelines;
5) foaming materials;
6) molded pieces, trays, fan covers, electrical parts and housings, business machine housings, pipes, communication equipment and auto parts;
7) hard, semi-hard and soft plastic products;
8) non-vulcanized and vulcanized products;
9) PVC adhesives;
10) anti-corrosion coatings;
11) heavy duty coatings.

Adhering to the concept of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe, and sustainable development, we are dedicated to providing new, high-quality, and eco-friendly chemical products for all industries.

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