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  • Company Profile

  • Qiangyuan is a specialized chemical product manufacturer in China. We take root in the bittern chemical field and head for the fine chemical area. Our main products include sodium bromate, calcium chloride, magnesium oxide, magnesium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, calcium bromide, sodium bromide and ammonium bromide. Premium formates and synthetic resins are also available. These products are widely used in oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, snow melting and other fields.

    Among the aforementioned chemical products, sodium bromate boasts the largest annual output in China-5000 tons, while calcium chloride boasts the availability in full range of varieties and forms, produced in 60,000 tons per year. Our production capacity of high purity magnesium oxide, high activity magnesium oxide, and magnesium hydroxide is 5000 t/year.

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  • History

  • 2002
    Qiangyuan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was established in Binhai Economic Development Zone (formerly as Haihua Development Zone) of Weifang City. The business started with the production of sodium bromate and inorganic bromides.

    The calcium chloride dihydrate production line was newly built.

    The anhydrous calcium chloride production line was newly built.

    We set up Weifang Orenyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Oren Hydrocarbons Middle East Inc., focusing on providing oilfield chemicals such as the calcium bromide, sodium bromide,and the calcium chloride.

    We carried out a technological innovation on the original sodium bromate production, and successfully obtained a number of patents. By the use of new technology, we built a domestically largest sodium bromate workshop with the largest production capacity.

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  • Sustainable Development

  • QIANGYUAN is one of the most outstanding industrial chemical manufacturers in China, mainly providing bromates, bromides, chlorides, magnesium compounds,formates,synthetic resins, etc. We continue to target at zero accident, zero injury and zero danger in production and operation, safeguarding people and the environment as well. The unconditionalcommitment to sustainable development and environmental protection is the guiding principle of all our actions, as well as the way of fulfilling our responsibility to society.

    Our health, safety, environment and sustainable development objectives, include the followings:

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